Feel the Goodness Inside

About Us


From the very beginning, NTUC Foodfare is set out to be a different kind of business - established by the Labour Movement in 1995, with the primary purpose to serve working people and their families by stabilising cooked food prices and helping them improve their quality of life. 


To be a best-in-class social enterprise and a market leader in the Food Services industry.


To provide value, quality cooked food in Singapore by providing a pricing benchmark for the industry to follow.

 Goodness Is Our Strength, Our Essence. Our aspirations as a best-in-class leader in delivering our social mission embodies our co-operative’s unique care philosophy as a social enterprise, and our desire to make a difference in the communities we serve.

Our pursuit and commitment for excellence as an industry player allow us to give the best to our customers because we care about creating a better and more meaningful life for all.








Goodness Is A Quality of ExcellenceToday, we have grown from strength to strength as we continue to apply our professional expertise with best-in-class management in our retail operations; contract manufacturing in bakery and hot kitchen products; and institutional catering for uniformed groups.

Apart from achieving ISO and HACCP standards, we were also awarded Top 100 SMEs in 2008 by Dun & Bradstreet Standard Chartered, for being excellent in operations amongst some of the best commercial firms in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. In 2012, our co-operative is also the first coffeeshop and foodcourt operator in Singapore to receive Singapore Service Class from Spring.

Goodness Is Our Virtue. People before profits, we have you as our bottomline. We embrace our co-operative's unique challenge in measuring our success to "do good" (increasing our social impact) and "do more" (improving our social reach) for the labour movement and Singaporeans at large. Moving forward, Foodfare aims to increase our social impact by increasing our presence across the island to ensure that we remain in a strong position to keep basic cooked-food prices low and affordable for all.