Our Business Divisions

Through food, we serve our social purpose across diverse sectors

We offer a wide variety of affordable, quality and healthy food through food courts, coffee shops and hawker centres.

We are a best-in-class provider of nutritious and tasty meals to governmental and commercial organisations.

Our modern facilities produce an extensive range of quality products while upholding the highest standards of food safety.

Our Capabilities

Our unique combination of capabilities makes us a market leader in food services

Awards and Recognitions
    • * President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Award 2013
    • * Influential Brands Top Brand (Food Court Category)
    • * Influential Brands Top Brand (Asian Café)
    • * SPRING Singapore Service Class
    • * AVA Food Safety Excellence Gold Award
      • * Meritorious Defence Award
      • * HPB Healthier Dining Programme
      • * BizSafe Award
Goodness is our strength, our essence.
We are driven by the social purpose of making affordable, healthy and tasty food accessible to all.

A Word from our Partners

Hear what our partners have to say.

We face many challenges in the F&B industry. The commitment and drive shown by each of you to overcome these challenges have been nothing but exemplary. These qualities have allowed Kimly’s partnership with Foodfare to grow from strength to strength.

Vincent Chia, Executive Director
Kimly Group

Partnering with Foodfare allows us to grow together without forgeting our social responsibilities to the community at large.

Paul Kok, Managing Director
Ba Da Ling

It has been our privilege to partner with Foodfare (Heavenly Wang). The passion and commitment from the team at Foodfare to uphold this unique Singaporean brand is telling of the drive and aspirations as a social enterprise to contribute ‘goodness’ to its community at large.

Michelle Cheng, Assistant Manager
Toshin Development Singapore

  • 25,000 ft² Scale of kitchen operations
  • 96 Million Meals served per year
  • 1,200+ Stalls under management
  • 100+ Touch points
  • 1 Million+ Manufactured food products sold per year