Rice Garden

Foodfare started Rice Garden as a social outreach programme in 2009, to provide affordable and nutritious meals to people from all walks of life. Each year, more than 4 million meals are sold at all Rice Garden outlets.

As a social enterprise, we were concerned that rising food prices would affect consumers, especially vulnerable groups like the elderly and the low-income. We wanted an alternative to help Singaporeans stretch their dollars. At Rice Garden, our chefs are inspired to create an authentic, hearty local menu providing value and dollar savings on every plate.

We serve a selection of affordable concessionary meals starting from as low as at $1.50. For more details, please click here.

Business Community Partnership Programme

In November 2015, Foodfare inaugurated the Business Community Partnership Programme for budding entrepreneurs and existing F&B business owners to own and run a Rice Garden-branded stall.

Stall owners are responsible for day-to-day operations, while Foodfare contributes business and funding support. This win-win partnership encourages entrepreneurship, while fulfilling our social purpose of providing affordable meals to needy groups.

Rice Garden Community Voucher

Care to gift a meal to the needy? At just $2.00 per voucher, everyone can contribute to a good cause with our Community Food Vouchers.

These vouchers are co-funded by Foodfare and can be used to purchase a meal at preferential rates i.e. you can purchase a concessionary meal (selected 2 vegs + 1 meat) with the voucher. Beneficiaries can redeem the vouchers at any of our Rice Garden stall.

You can pledge directly to the welfare organisations, or through your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes with these vouchers. We can recommend our partners should you need our help to link up with a welfare organisation.

To purchase the Rice Garden Community Vouchers, please email us at vouchers_rg@foodfare.com.sg

Our Locations

For the full listing of the Rice Garden stalls, please click here.