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We are committed to our social purpose to provide tasty and healthy meals through our partners.

Nourish Generations and Make Life Better for All. 

Our Food Safety Focus

Goodness in our Team

Our Health, Safety and Environment team comprises of over 15 qualified professionals. They regularly audit our processes – from source to finished products - to ensure compliance and to uphold the strictest hygiene and food safety standards. At the same time, the team conducts food safety and hygiene training for all our staff.

Goodness in our Competencies

Our Health, Safety and Environment team regularly audits our processes and conducts laboratory  testing to help ensure that the highest & strictest food safety controls are adhered to and maintained so as to provide the best food services to our clients.

Goodness in our Services

Our Health, Safety and Environment team also conducts food safety, hygiene training, menu planning, and nutrition management for our clients.

Health, Safety & Environment - Our Food Safety Focus
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