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We are committed to our social purpose to provide tasty and healthy meals through our partners.

Nourish Generations and Make Life Better for All. 

Institutional Catering - Who We Are

Who We Are

With over 20 years of institutional catering experience, Foodfare harnesses the expertise from our team of chefs, nutritionists, and quality assurance professionals to design and prepare meals with the best nutrition for our clients.


We are proud to supply meals to:

  • Singapore Civil Defence Force

  • Singapore Armed Forces

  • NTUC Health Nursing Homes and Senior Care Centres

  • PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Senior Care Centres

  • St Luke’s Hospital

  • PCF Sparkletots

  • NTUC Learning Hub

Childcare Segment

Goodness in Every Child's Meal


Nutrition in the early years is formative for our children's development.


Merging mealtimes with play, Foodfare supplies a series of international cuisine  tuned to the children's palette for an experiential learning journey for our childcare centres.

With this winning formula, we supply freshly cooked and Ready-To-Heat options to our partner operators.

Institutional Catering - Childcare Segmen
Institutional Catering - Cookhouse Segment

Cookhouse Segment

Goodness in Every Servicemen's Meal


Since 1997, we have been providing tasty and healthy meals for our SAF servicemen. We have extended our services to manage both the Civil Defence Academy and National Service Training Centre cookhouses - supplying nutritious meals for SCDF personnel and recruits.

Our capabilities to provide rations and meals during periods of contingencies and disasters have been tested and proven as one of the Essential Firm Partners of MINDEF.

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Healthcare Segment

Goodness in Every Resident's Meal

To encourage a healthy aging narrative, Foodfare cares for the wellbeing of our elderlies by promoting nourishing and delectable meals across our clientele of Nursing Homes and Senior Care Centres. We also provide meals for patients receiving step-down care at Community Hospitals who will require specialised nutrition.


We meticulously prepare all meals,  regular and therapeutic, to ensure the appropriate food texture, portion, and flavour, so that residents may look forward to their meals.

Institutional Catering - Healthcare Segment

Events Catering Segment

Goodness in Every Customer's Meal

Foodfare provides catering services to our corporate partners in different sectors such as  country clubs, training institutions, migrant workers, etc.


We plan, optimize, and manage their food service operations as a strong backbone for their businesses so that they may drive their core business with assurance.

Institutional Catering -Events Catering Segment
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